Article: How Organizations Serving Homeless Are Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy

July 12, 2024 19:48

Dr. Sabina Wong, PCC Clinic coordinator at The Boulevard, and Dennis Frederics, a resident of The Boulevard, are featured in a WTTW News article from July 27, 2021. The article focuses on increasing vaccine awareness and addressing concerns among people experiencing homelessness. Dr. Wong says that regularly checking in with people about their vaccination status creates more opportunities to provide resources and address concerns.

“The best thing for us to do is to vaccinate ourselves and make it a safer environment for everybody else,” Frederics said. “I’m pretty sure the people who got COVID didn’t think they’d be the person who could catch it and they wouldn’t be the person would die until it was at the point where it was too late.” Frederics said the flu-like symptoms he experienced after getting vaccinated were a small price to pay compared to COVID-19.

The Boulevard was one of the first homeless service providers to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to residents in January 2021.

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