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Looking to help out your community and be a part of change? Check out the ways you can get involved below.

Associate Board (AB)

The Boulevard’s Associate Board is an energetic and interactive group of young professionals who are passionate about philanthropy and volunteering and want to make a difference in our community. The AB supports our mission by promoting The Boulevard within their personal and professional networks, volunteering at the facility, coordinating fundraising events, and advising our Board of Directors on key topics.

If you would be interested in joining this group and changing the narrative around homelessness, please fill out the form below.

Associate Board (AB)


Our residents’ health is our top priority. Due to COVID-19, our volunteer program is currently on hold. We are still accepting donations and Share A Meal participation. Please contact us for any questions or to get on our volunteer list.

Email: to schedule.


Share A Meal

An important part of our clients’ medical recovery is maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. If you’d like to donate or prepare a meal for our clients, please contact us.

Spread The Word

If you’d like to help represent us at volunteer fairs, involvement fairs, or have us out to your university, high school, or organization to share our mission, contact us. 


Our clients typically come to the House with nothing but the clothes on their back. Through the generosity of its supporters, The Boulevard provides everything clients need to recover their health and restore their lives. Here’s what your gift can do.

What Your Donation Provides


Pays the fees and costs associated with one client applying for public benefits.


Covers one month of operational costs for maintaining a clean environment and bedding.


Provides all clients with one month’s worth of clothing and hygiene kits.


Pays for a year’s worth of warm, usable footwear for ~150 clients.


Covers one month of medical respite care for one Boulevard client.


Sets up a home for one person moving from The Boulevard into a permanent apartment.