Hurwich Memorial Dispensary, A Gift & A Legacy

July 12, 2024 20:20

The Hurwich family, long-time friends of The Boulevard, made a special tribute gift to honor the memory of Muriel Hurwich, whose life was filled with a passion for helping others. The medication distribution room at The Boulevard has been dedicated as the Hurwich Memorial Dispensary in memory of Muriel Hurwich.

A dedication ceremony of the Hurwich Memorial Dispensary in honor of Muriel Hurwich, who passed away in 2019, was to occur in 2020. However, because of the pandemic, the ceremony was unfortunately canceled. The room was commemorated as the Hurwich Memorial Dispensary on September 22, 2020 with a plaque that reads:

In Memory of Muriel Hurwich, For Her Lifelong Commitment to Improving Her Community by Volunteering and Helping Those in Need.

Muriel passed away at 95. Her legacy lives on as someone who dedicated her long life to enhancing the lives of others in communities of greatest need. For years, she served on the board at the Family & Children’s Center and volunteered at Memorial Hospital, both in South Bend, Ind.

Muriel was a generous supporter of The Boulevard. Her son, Tom Hurwich, an early member of the Board of Directors at The Boulevard, remembers, “She loved the organization’s mission. She thought that having The Boulevard as a place for people to go to recover when they get released from the hospital was one of the best ideas.” He added that she also really enjoyed attending The Boulevard’s annual gala.

The Hurwich Memorial Dispensary is a vital area of service at The Boulevard. It makes a significant impact in people’s lives because its purpose is to monitor medication distribution and provide medication management guidance to residents. The medication residents receive is an essential part of their recovery process.

Shaun Sent is a resident of The Boulevard. He receives primary and behavioral health care at The Boulevard’s on-site clinic. His daily medication regimen is managed through the Hurwich Memorial Dispensary. He needs the medication dispensary service to monitor his medication and to help him learn how to manage it on his own. (See Shaun's video below)

“The Boulevard is grateful to Muriel Hurwich and her family for the many years they have dedicated in support of our mission. Her long commitment of service to others is an inspiration. The good work she accomplished in communities of need will live on at The Boulevard through the Hurwich Memorial Dispensary,” says Renita White, CEO of The Boulevard.